Thursday, April 30, 2009

My small screen debut (send all questions to my little assistant)

Last night at 11 I made my television debut on our local ABC station.  If you recall, last week I went in to Pout Columbia for a Sensual Hands treatment.  I have to say, my hands still look like a babe's.  And I've been really good about putting my Lippman Collection Rich Girl Hand Cream on when I get in the car (it has 25 SPF) so that the sun doesn't peel the skin off of my purty hands.  You can click this link to experience my debut.  They cut my speaking part.  Probably because I have such a strange voice and over expressive face.  Seriously, if I were explaining a trip to the grocery store and you put me on mute, you would think I was trying to warn someone that a cinematic catastrophe was about to turn our town grey and ashy.  I guess that's why I write instead of act.  

Today I'm headed back up to Pout to be a model for a commercial they are shooting with our friends The Columbia Cool.  I'm happily surprised to be headed back for another fun project, especially after last night's debut that highlighted my double chin and wild hair (at least today I'm getting my hair did).  We'll be going back and forth between Pout and Van Jean, so make sure to stop in to Van Jean for The Shop Tart's Champagne Thursday between 4 and 7 today if you are in town, and you might catch me on my pretend road to celebrity status.  Now, I'm off to purchase some big sunglasses and seek a publicist.  Maybe Eloise the Pug is available.


  1. miz m! miz m! miz m! miz m! I am available! YOU ARE SUCH A STAR! xoxoxoxoxoxo Eloise

  2. How fun! Good luck finding a publicist.

  3. Wow, you're getting some fun gigs! I'm dying watch a video of you explaining a trip to the grocery store. With no sound, of course! :)