Friday, May 1, 2009

A perfect day, with a little decorum

My view from the makeup chair yesterday

Women are extremely complicated.  Our everyday lives are a complete enigma to our male counterparts, even if we wake up next to them everyday.  Yesterday, during the filming of the Pout and VanJean commercial for The Columbia Cool, someone called in to see if she could be squeezed in for a wax.  This prompted a brief discussion amongst us girls about how long it takes for one to have something waxed, a conversation that drove the cameraman to distraction... especially since the language suddenly became vague and codified.

"We can fit her in at 5:30."

"Doesn't the time kind of depend on... you know... what's getting waxed?"

"No, waxing doesn't really take that long."

"Really?  Even if it's..." Adding a long sweeping gesture over the front and center section of the body.

Cameraman starts to blush a little.

"Even... you know."


Of course had the cameraman not been there everyone would have used the normal terms, but with all of us being Southern ladies and most of us not having known the cameraman for more than 20 minutes... not to mention the fact that he was filming, it just didn't seem very couth.  

I don't think that I've experienced men speaking in code about grooming.  Or anything else for that matter.  So when they hear women speaking in such terms it is brow furrowing on two levels: a) because they have no idea how much maintenance actually goes into keeping ourselves from looking more like them; and  b) the fact that we have the need to speak in any kind of code at all.

So anyway, despite slightly embarrassing the sweet cameraman, the shoot was so much fun.  I mean, how grueling can it be to have your makeup done by the Pout experts, then go to VanJean and try on gorgeous clothes while drinking champagne and eating some of the most delicious Brazilian chocolates ever?  Drinking bubbly with The Shop Tart while parading around in the Tracy Reese dress that our First Lady wore on the cover of People magazine is definitely my idea of a great day, don't you think?  But wait, it gets better.  I came home, and Mr. M. had hors d'oeuvres waiting on the patio and he made my favorite cocktail for me:

2 shots dry white or sparkling wine
1 1/2 shots St. Germain
2 shots sparkling water or club soda

If the rest of the spring and summer are like this I am so in!

*This recipe is according to the website.  We actually use tonic and don't measure it out... and I always drink it out of my Waterford Powerscourt water goblet instead of a highball, but that's just me!