Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting pampered and pampering fish

Yesterday I had the chance to receive a Pout Sensual Hands treatment from skin care extraordinaire Shannon for a news piece for WOLO's Wrinkle Free Wednesdays.  I haven't been able to stop posturing my hands like a 1950s television model since I left the store.  While having my hands microdermabrasioned, electro-pulsed, and LED light therapied under the glare of a camera was a little bit daunting, it was all in good fun.  Let's just hope that the camera didn't accentuate the double-chin I tend to sport at inopportune times.  Like when I was interviewed by a street reporter about how I "beat the heat" one August.  Or when my picture was published in the parties section of a local magazine for a children's charity event and I was making an unfortunate face at something Mr. M was saying.  You can be the judge next Wednesday when the story airs... just be gentle in your comments!  Or don't.  I could use the laugh!

When I returned home and released the adorably preppy and pearled babysitter (twin-in-law ended up being unavailable), I had the bright idea to finally experiment with that mint/lime juice/vanilla/sea salt concoction that I came across during Charleston Fashion Week.  In my mind I imagined the dish tasting fresh and vacationey, as if it should be enjoyed on a deck overlooking the beach.  The idea seemed to go along with just having been pampered and giggling and gossiping with the amazing Pout girls.  I mean honestly, getting a treatment there is the perfect combination of relaxation and girly fun, so why not end the day on a similar note?  I put two tilapia fillets in a Ziploc bag and set to work, adding:

1/4 cup sauvignon blanc
juice squeezed from one persian lime
1 tablespoon vanilla
6 mint leaves
1 tablespoon kosher sea salt
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper

Then I closed the bag, shook it, then closed the bag again and shook it without spraying marinade in my face, put it in the refrigerator, and took Jr. to the park for a couple of hours.  Mr. M arrived home before we did, so I called and told him to fire up the grill.  When we arrived home, I placed the fish on foil and Mr. M grilled it on medium-high heat until it was opaque and flaked easily, about 3 or 4 minutes per side.  I should add that when he flipped the fish, he poured the remaining marinade over the top.

We served it with couscous and steamed sugar snap peas... and it was delicious!  It was perfectly light and refreshing and mixed with the saltiness of the couscous very well.  We will definitely be grilling this for company this spring and summer!


  1. Such a cute post! I could learn a thing or two from you about cooking, for sure.

  2. That sounds delicious! I'm inspired!