Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Day meets Broadway?

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According to The New York Times, Green Day is collaborating with director Michael Mayer to put their album "American Idiot" into a stage production.  Mayer directed "Spring Awakening", which I was surprised to find was a collaboration with Duncan Sheik.  You never know what musicians are up to when you haven't heard from them in the last decade, huh?  Or maybe I did know about the Duncan Sheik thing and I forgot.

Anyhow, I'm having trouble trying to imagine how Mayer and Green Day are going to accomplish the feat of staging the hit album.  Though I have a great deal of respect for the band for that group of work, I've never been a huge fan.  When the name of the band comes up I automatically recall their trips to town during the 90s when they would play at the legendary Rockafellas.  They were younger then, more wild, and more apt to do stupid things.

The article in The New York Times admits that they don't have all of the semantics ironed out yet. Mayer states that "It's not the most linear story in the world."  This brings me to wonder, will this be another stage production that focuses mainly on song and with little substance in between?  Granted, most of the songs on the album are packed with substance, especially "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", but they can't be the only legs to this.  It will be interesting to watch.  

I may have to think up some stage types to invite over to discuss.  That reminds me... I'm planning a fun brunch with a group of women here in town.  We're thinking of calling it a "Recession Brunch" and getting crazy and creative with decorations, invitations, etc.  I'll keep you all posted on what we come up with, it's going to be really fun!  If you can't have a little fun with the news these days, you need to get rid of your tv and computer.  It's time to turn all the negativity on it's head!

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