Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts of a klutz

April in South Carolina has finally decided to fall in line and behave, so I'm anxious to put Jr. into a jon-jon and spend the day outside in the yard.  I'm hoping to accomplish some weed pulling and patio beautifying before heading around the corner to knock on the door of some neighbors to invite by tonight.  Who knows, since Mr. M is working from home today maybe I'll slip out during nap time and get some artichokes and try Gwyneth Paltrow's Artichoke with Basil and Mint recipe that showed up in my inbox.  It sounds divine, and I need to do something with all of the mint leftover from the other day.  

Eventually I'll get moving.  I'm a little slow today!  Last night I went to an Earth Day Happy Hour event that a friend of mine's organization held.  It was a great event put on by the office's student workers, who pulled together an informative land conservation documentary for the evening.

Afterwards we went to a party upstairs with some friends and my klutziness decided to make an appearance for the night.  Someone once described my humor as 'self-deprecating'.  I don't think that's the case, I'm just straightforward about myself.  I've tried putting on airs in the past, and I always end up tripping up the stairs or stepping on the front of my ball gown, so really, what's the point?  So, we are in the room with a lot of big decision makers whom I had never met, and in the middle of one of my boisterous "Hey!!!"'s I just had to drop my plate of vidalia onion dip all over my freshly dry-cleaned jeans.  Because the night is never complete until I have dropped or tripped over something.    And instead of being embarrassed, I just said "Oh well!" and headed back to the bar and then start a new conversation.  And eventually sing a little karaoke... badly.  I think people have started to expect this from me.  I call it the new college roommate syndrome.  Secretly, everyone is hoping that they won't be the one who plasters dip all over their pants, and they are relieved when it happens to someone else, and it  breaks the ice.  Or their just holding in their laughter at me because they are polite and pitying.  Or waiting to snicker behind me... because I've done all of the above when it happens to someone else!

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  1. I'm always that "one" too. Like you said, who cares. I'm not ashamed, It gives me stuff to blog about anyway