Friday, April 17, 2009

The Epiphany of My Mother's Advice

Today during gala setup a wonderful local artist did quick caricatures of some of us committee members that are now hanging in one of the party rooms.  She is on the gala committee with me and her daughter Meagan is the development manager for museum, and also the staff member in charge of the gala.  I love that she did the caricatures showing us at work.  A lot of people have been digging in their heels this week to make this party happen, and I think that the drawings pay proper homage to that.  I am so honored that she asked me!

Here's the thing about caricatures... they are quick and exaggerated, so it never hurts to be dressed up when having one done.  Not in your gardening clothes, sporting poodle hair, and toting around a camera that you don't even like that much.  At least if you are wearing stilettos and a little black dress your legs end up looking rocked out and you are suddenly very well endowed up top.  Lord knows I could use some help in both those areas these days!

Debbie did a fantastic job with mine... she and her daughter Meagan are both multitalented artists.  It just drove home my mother's point... always make sure you look nice for every situation!  When I tell this to Jr. and any other Juniorettes we may have in the future, I plan to add, "You never know when someone is going to want to draw a caricature of you for 800+ people to see!"

We had a great time today.  If you've never been behind the scenes to see how much goes into setting up a fundraiser, here are some photos (at least of how it is turning out so far) of today's work!  This first shot is from the roof... I was hoping to get a shot of the entire plaza, but it would have required some major acrobatics and a lack of care for space between me and the ground.  

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  1. I can just FEEL the sunshine down in Columbia. I miss it!