Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The frost is driving me out

Oh crap.  As you can see by the picture, I have a little garden problem.  Apparently the South Carolina climate forgot to look at the calendar last night and the temperature dropped down into the low 30s.  That's actually one of the better looking flowers.  This is NOT what I pictured when I started planning this weekend's get-together.  Mr. M is suggesting replanting tomorrow.  ***SIGH***

I think I'd rather go out with some girlfriends tonight and not think about it.  Mr. M can babysit.  He likes to dress Jr. in his jammies and then they eat cookies and "look at dancing girls."  Usually that means watching Abby Cadabby on DVD (Jr. is completely obsessed with "Abby Gabby").  A couple of times it has meant getting dressed up and going to one of Mr. M's tweenybopper cousin's dance recitals.  Probably no big game of hide-and-seek tonight as Jr. and I spent the majority of the morning on that one... mostly with Jr. hiding and me seeking while putting away laundry.

I'm sure as I'm writing this at 3:07pm I will be hard pressed to find someone to meet me out.  Most of my mommy friends are at the beach this week a lot of others are coming up on the end of their fiscal years (nonprofits).  I'm sure there's someone out there who can meet up for an hour or so, though.  The last time I called up some girlfriends to go out at the last minute I ended up with two of my oldest friends, who are both single.  After dinner we went to a local bar for some drinks, and two guys meandered over to chat after seeing the two single girls.  A few minutes into the conversation, I decided to ask a question.

Me: So, what do y'all do?
Guy #1: Uh, we play football.

That should have been our first cue, but we went on.

Girlfriend #1: Oh really?  
Girlfriend #2 (leaning in): What position do you play?
Guy #2: Right now I'm a half back on the books, but I've been on the bench.  But Coach says he's gonna put me in next fall.

You know that tingly feeling like someone is pressing a bunch of little pins inside your nose?  Suddenly I had that feeling.  Because in an attempt to keep from spitting out my cocktail I inadvertently snorted it up into my left nostril as I realized that these were not NFL players visiting from Charlotte.  The thing that is the most fascinating is that I, the out-of-practice old married  lady, was the first to figure this out.  My two friends kept the conversation going for about 30 more seconds before thinking to ask for the ages of their suitors.  Even with me perched next to them with tears rolling down my face, not really stifling my laughter.  Once the college dudes realized our age, they hightailed it out of there.  Old ladies (at least we were to them) are no fun, huh?

We'll see.  I should probably get out there and work on the frost ravaged garden so I won't be scrambling on Saturday!

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  1. LOL...what a great story--the football players, not the flowers. I have a different problem: When I'm in a conversation with someone in the 20-something set, I occasionally feel like I'm talking to a peer...until he (or she) calls me "sir." Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't appreciate the gesture of respect, but it sure does make me feel older than I usually feel!