Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lavender and Geraniums

I need a trip to Provençe.  Like, now.  Unfortunately, it's not looking like my calendar will allow it at the moment, so instead I'll settle for some lavender and geraniums.  That's how I spent my morning at the Columbia Museum of Art setting up for the afore mentioned Soirèe du Soèil.  The smell of the lavender and the pop of the geraniums made me want to float off.  I'll be setting some up on the patio, for sure, though at the rate I'm going my patio is going to look like a flower jungle by the end of the summer!  Hmm... maybe some new plates for out there, too.

The above picture is of the terrazzo stairs at CMA.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were practical to have this many flowers lining your staircase every day?  There are so many reasons why you shouldn't.  In the case of this photo, impracticality screamed at me when I went back down the stairs and heard the flower cart come crashing down behind me.  It was one of those moments where common sense would have told my body to move, but I was rooted in my spot.  Thank God there was a landing to stop it.  Yikes!

Who's working on a flower project?  Send out some ideas!


  1. All it took was your photos and the mention of Provence and now I am dying to go back! When I was living overseas my brothers used to tease me that it was my second home because I went on so many trips there. Beautiful photos!

  2. Hi Shani!! Thanks so much for the official introduction and I'm having a ball learning about so many blogs --- and their authors! And I'm thinking I would have a field day in your iTunes library. Such fun. Thanks again and so nice to 'meet' you! xx

  3. The Soire at the Columbia Museum of Art was well done especially the food, flowers and art salon. Thanks for posting pics of the event!