Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soirèe du Soleil is a wrap!

Oh gosh!  I've gotten Twitters and emails from some of you asking about last night's Soirèe du Soleil at the Columbia Museum of Art.  It was fantastic.  A huge hats off to Meagan Warren and the gala committee for putting together one of the best parties Columbia has seen in a long while.  We raised some serious cash for the museum and had close to 900 attendees.  Not to be indelicate, but 900 people in a medium-sized city at a minimum of $150 per person during a recession isn't something to sneeze at!  The food was delightful, the company grand, entertainment delectable, and of course, shenanigans ensued.  Honestly, if you are going to have an absinthe bar you have to expect some shenanigans!  See the slideshow below for a summary.  Just so you know, my knit "beret" wasn't just a fashion statement... I was having poufy issues with my hair!

One of the many highlights of the night was meeting a friend of The Shop Tart's, who you will hopefully see mentioned here in the near future.  She is a fantastic hostess who is rumored to have one of the best hummus recipes around.  I'm looking forward to our next chat.  Maybe I can talk her into a video for Camille Maurice!

Look out for some food and flowers on the blog this week now that my energy can be a little more evenly dispersed!

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