Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some wine with my coffee

Um.... I think I've finally become a wino.

I love wine.  I'm not a complete wine snob like some people I know and love.  I don't go to a restaurant and spend fifteen minutes studying the wine list as if it were an instruction manual, then quiz the sommelier about the region, aroma, and palette of each wine.  I don't walk into my favorite wine store with a to do list, either.

There is a Wine Styles around the corner from my house, however.  Robert, the store owner, knows pretty much everything that has gone on in my life for the past couple of years.  If I have to dart in there during the day when running errands with Jr. to pick up wine for a last minute dinner, Jr. immediately calls out "Sucker!", because he knows that there may be a treat behind the counter for him.  I thought that this was the extent of the fallout from my affinity for wine.

Then came this morning.  We were leaving church and we stopped by Earth Fare to pick up a pie after determining that I would not have any time to prepare anything for the in-law's family reunion.  Mr. M came out with the pie, a cookie, and a large coffee for us to share, which made my morning.  We drove on towards East Stix towards the reunion, talking about the upcoming week, when suddenly a few drops of coffee mysteriously exited the cup and dolloped themselves onto the armrest.  

Mr. M shot me an incredulous look, "Did you just swirl your coffee?"

"What? No!  You must have hit a bump or something," I muttered.

"No, I saw you.  You were all 'blah blah la la la hee hee hee,' and you swirled your coffee!"

I wasn't about to verbally admit it, but he was right.  I couldn't believe it.  I had started to run my mouth like a water tap and got lost in the moment.  Somehow, subconciously, I thought I was sitting at my favorite restaurant with him on a date rather than in the car at 11:30am with Jr. in the back seat.  Somehow, my arm muscles mistook that the coffee cup for a glass of Pinot Noir that needed some oxygen swished into it to push some extra flavor out.

Would this be considered a new low?  Or did the wiring in my brain just suffer a misfire and the joy of the moment triggered the wrong muscle to move?  I'm not sure, but I may keep a lid on my coffee for the next few days just in case.

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