Thursday, March 26, 2009

Every fashion show should have a puppy

Unexpectedly, I went down to Charleston yesterday to check out Charleston Fashion week a little earlier than planned.  It was a fantastic day.  I arrived at the Charleston Place, dashed off to a meeting, and then came back to the Charleston Grill to have a chat with my old buddy Teresa, who tends bar.  She suggested that I try the scallop ceviche, which was unlike anything I had ever tasted.  Have you ever tried mixing lime, vanilla, mint, and sea salt?  That's essentially what this did.  Teresa also mentioned that they've been working on a signature drink with those ingredients (minus the scallops, of course).  I'm just thinking about how I'm going to marinate a grouper in it and put it on the grill one weekend.  Maybe with a dash of white wine, too.  If you try it before I do, let me know how it turns out.

Next, I headed down to the tents.  There were beautiful people everywhere.  Really.  I think there may have been a contest to weed out who was aesthetically pleasing enough to be there.  I felt short and stocky next to this crowd!  It probably didn't help that I was wearing flat boots instead of 5-inch heels.  They were cute boots, though, so I felt a little better.

Champagne and margaritas were flowing freely and it was exactly what I envision when I think of Charleston.  Talk of politics (the good kind) and marriages and restaurants, and the
re was one man who was apparently very unhappy with his seat, as he treated everyone as if the had a growth on them.  There's one of those in every crowd these days, isn't there?

During my time at the tents I had two favorite moments.  The first was during the Boutique NV show.  The clothes looked comfortable and great for running town this spring.  But the highlight was when this beautiful blonde model stalked her way down the runway with the most edibly adorable escort I have ever seen.  She had golden retriever puppy on her arm.  He was plump and roly-poly and perfectly fuzzy.  Even Emerging Designer Competition judge Dana Campbell was oohing and aahhing.

My other favorite moment was the end of the Mary Porter show. Her theme was so glamourously old-Hollywood that one of her dresses will send a whole new vibe and conversation topic coursing through a room.  At the end of her show was a wedding gown that made me want to get married all over again.  To Mr. M, not someone else, in case you were wondering! Not that my own wedding dress was too shabby.  There is just no humanly possible way that I will fit into it ever again.

So, if you are in SC and have time to make it down to Charleston, I highly recommend that you go to the Charleston Fashion Week site and see what tickets are left for the tents.  The people are fun and gorgeous and you won't be disappointed!  More to come tomorrow!


  1. Charleston, fashion and a puppy! That's really my kind of week.

  2. Just came across your blog for the first time, and it's adorable! I went to school at USC and spent some time in Charleston as well, but I had no idea there was a Charleston fashion week!