Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rx: Cultural Renaissance

I've been Twittering.  It's fun and voyeuristic, and you really get to learn a lot about what ideas are pulsing through the world.  Because it is Fashion Week in New York, I started following New York Magazine's "The Cut", who tweeted about interviewing Marc Jacobs, who apparently said of his collection, "The collection is all about clubbing in the 80s, when New Yorkers could have fun, be creative... not like now."  

I hate to mention the economy in two posts in a row but it is affecting every industry, even those which are supposed to keep up our spirits and inspire flights of fancy.  Marc Jacobs' collection was fabulous, though, and gave me hope for what's coming.  I truly believe that creativity became lazy as the United States entered a relatively un-tumultuous period.  Over the past five or six years, we have had an administration who stifled creative thought and exploration, sent education rolling further downhill, and encouraged the status quo.  Add to that the stealthiness with which our current financial situation crept up on us... people thought they could have everything for nothing, and in most cases were tricked into thinking this through shady institutions.  What do you get?  Creative dead space.  The Obama administration is sure to promote the arts and humanities, and has in general inspired a hope (yes, I know, the word has been used entirely too much lately... maybe we can make up a new synonym) that will inspire a cultural renaissance.

Jacobs' collection, while drawing an awful lot on older ideas, definitely showed us a glimmer of what is to come in the creative world.  Energy, thought, expressions of hope.  Bring it on.

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