Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little gift, a not so little festival

Hostess gift? If you ever wonder what kind of hostess gift I would like, this little trinket below will do just fine...

Okay, so it sold a little over a year ago according to

BUT, I'll take this opportunity to share something with you.  Charleston, South Carolina is my favorite place on Earth.  Better than the Caribbean.  Better than Europe.  Better than New York, San Diego, Los Angeles.  Am I making myself clear at all?  You can find a fabulous meal on every corner.  The air is so heavy that it lulls you into a state of zen as soon as it enters your lungs.  And then there is the art scene.  The Charleston art scene is where I was introduced the work of Jonathan Green (creator of the above trinket that you will be bringing to my next dinner party).  It is also the home of one of the finest events in the world, the Spoleto Festival, which begins May 22.  Lucky for me, the opening festivities always falls around my anniversary weekend, so I've had the pleasure of attending most of the times that Mr. Maurice and I have celebrated.  During past visits, I have joined an impromptu marching band, samba-ed down Meeting street, accosted secret service agents, discoed with governors, and attended some of the most fabulous and strange dinner parties one can imagine.  Seriously, spending time at the Spoleto Festival is an annual experiment in surrealism.  This year I hope to check out the return of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, which is always a treat.  Another interesting piece will be a performance by Hiroaki Umeda, a "multi-disciplinary solo Japanese artist" who combines ballet, hip-hop, and a form of Japanese dance called butoh.    Oddly, I'm having trouble finding out what's going on with the visual arts this year. The web page for Charleston City Gallery goes blank when you get to May, and there is no mention on the festival's page.  If you know of anything, please leave a comment!

Have fun!

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