Saturday, February 14, 2009

Food is Hot

The New York Times posted a blurb in "Ideas" with the headline, "Food Is the New Sex".  I was intrigued, thinking of the way cooking and eating tickle the senses.  The way that the body reacts to the unending range of tastes, changing the rate at which we breathe, the posture in which we sit, sometimes making us salivate a little.

Well, the article didn't go there.  It was pretty short and disappointing, and more about t he discomfort that we feel with how far the sexual revolution has taken us, but it got me thinking.  What about the sensuousness of food?  I for one wish I could bottle the swishy sound of crisp lettuce tearing and of butter and garlic meeting each other on the stove.  As the recession is closing it's choke hold around our weekly habits and we are eating in more, how are our attitudes toward the kitchen bound to change?  Will society in general start to pause and smell the odors as they begin to intermingle as food is sliced, mixed, then cooked?  Will it be the death of the microwave as more people take in the joys (and healthfulness) of using fresh ingredients? 

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  1. Thanks for the great post -- well said :)
    I fully agree with you on the wonderful sensuality of food and the joy of really savoring it.