Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bringing my diet to my party

In my own imagination I am still the svelte 110-pound Energizer bunny that I was ten years ago.  The truth is, reality hit after having a child and entering my thirties... the dreaded metabolism slowdown has ensued.  My personal trainer and yoga teacher both have Job-like patience with me, but I had to do away with the nutritionist.  She was the strangest combination of crazy and boring, as if she couldn't decide if she wanted to be antisocial or a glamazon, at once scoffing and gleaning when I informed her that I needed to mindful of the dinner party I would be throwing that weekend.  So I've taken nutrition matters into my own hands.  Risky, I know.

This weekend we are hosting a little soirée just for fun.  At the beginning of the week Mr. Maurice attended a reception celebrating the completion (after 2 years of construction) of a new headquarters for bank.  He said that it was the most depressing celebration he'd ever been to in his life.  Smiles were tense, greetings were mumbled, and everyone was quick to hightail it out of there.  If there was ever a time to have a small, spirit-lifting gathering, it is now.  

Normally for a soirée such as this I would serve rich foods and gallons of bubbly, but we are now economy-conscious AND I'm watching my own intake of calories.  How to keep things light, happy, and healthful?  Why, salmon, of course!  This weekend we will be feasting on salmon fillets. We'll be using one of Mr. Maurice's recipes.  He dreamed it up on his own, so forgive the lack of "official recipe" formatting here:

Drizzle white truffle oil into a large pan and set to medium heat.  Add minced garlic, and cook until it begins to turn a bit translucent. Coat salmon with Baron's Savoury Secrets Sesame Ginger Blend Secret #25 and cook skin side up until meat is opaque.  The smell will have you floating.  

Serve on a bed of steamed spinach and serve a delicious fruit dish and a cheese plate for dessert.  I plan on drizzling honey over manchego cheese and oranges coated with cinnamon sugar.  Sure, it's a little spring-y, but we could all use a little air and light right now.  Add a little ice wine to the dessert menu and mmm...mmm....mmmm!

It is sure to be a fun and lighthearted evening that will please the senses without taking me down an absolute detour from my diet!


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