Monday, May 4, 2009

Conversation on a room

Last night I was up (way too late) catching up on some reading when I cam across this article about Carlo Molino's garçonniere, or "playboy's lair" in Turin.  The interesting thing about this abode is that he had a room set aside that was to be the room in which he would die.  The idea behind the room was to have his death be like that of the Egyptian pharohs (though his plan didn't quite pan out), which is a suitably odd idea for an odd and perverted man.  But it got me thinking about rooms which serve specific purposes.  There was a post recently over at pve design about fainting rooms... little side rooms with daybeds where ladies in tight corsets could take a breather.  I remember looking at a house with my parents once that had a delightful little fainting room.  It had baby pink silk wallpaper and a marshmallow-like settee that was also covered in silk.  It seemed like a great place to get lost in a book.  I've had friends who had music rooms and conversation rooms, and these also seem like fascinating concepts if you have the space.

If I were to ask one of my fabulous interior designer friends to create a room for a specific purpose, I think it would be a conversation room, based on the concept of one a the house of a childhood friend.  No music, no television, no musical instruments.  Just beautiful furniture arranged so that everyone can see each other.  Fascinating pieces of modern art on the walls:

A large Jonathan Green

Photo from

Photo from

And I would add in some pieces by my friend Anna Redwine, whose pieces show so much thought and depth that they are irresistable.  Stop by her website to see what I mean, she's fantastic!

Photo from

Hmm... the walls would have to be the color of fresh cream and there would have to be interesting objects strewn about from traveling and just finding things while out experiencing life.  

What would you add?  If you could come up with a room created for a specific purpose, what would it be?

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  1. Ah, thanks for the reference to my "fainting room" - I think I would want one room for dancing.