Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recyclable Chic

I'm stuck inside on this gorgeous day with what I like to call "pollen sickness".  It's as bad as a cold, and I was so lucky to have Mr. M volunteer to watch Jr. this morning while I lay in bed and read while I sniffled.   Amongst my pile of books and magazines was the latest issue of Town & Country.  As I thumbed through it, I had to double check the cover after I came to a section about buying on EBay.  I mean, we've all done it.  I think I know of only one person who probably hasn't, because she is my fabulous friend who is helping cure the recession by purchasing all of her clothes and accessories when they are first presented.  She also had a spare bedroom converted into a second closet.  I may go move in with her. Her husband would so appreciate that. 

You know that the recession has hit an all time low when the bastion of all things stylish and sophisticated dedicates a section to buying second hand.  Granted, it was billed as "buying green", which is every bit as admirable (and necessary) these days as saving coin.

I think that if Town & Country is going this route, they ought to check out the Columbia (SC) Design League's 4th Runaway Runway on April 19th at 701 CCA on Whaley. Read a blurb about last year's from the blog Leonardo's Notebook. It is a fashion show where the model's costumes are made entirely of recycled materials.  It is a fun and chic event, and yes, you'll be able to come back here and read about it, too! :) Now, as far as I've seen before, these are not outfits that one would actually want to wear out and about, but the show presents fantastic ideas and a message of reusable chic that I think we all need to hear (and act on) these days.

Alright now.  Jr. is napping and Mr. M has headed off to do some more work, so I'm headed back to my haven of blankets and books.  Have a beautiful day, all!

PS- Be sure to tune in March 28th and 29th, when I'll be posting from Charleston Fashion Week!


  1. you are so right. It's bad when Town and Country stoops so low as to recommend second hand. I'm guessing they knew they had to show the world that rich people are also struggling. I feel better now for sure.

  2. Feel better. Charleston Fashion Week sounds fun!