Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reading the WSJ-- they're wearing mittens in hell

With my political leanings being left to left-of-center, I've always considered the Wall Street Journal to be a cesspool of uptight propaganda.  To be perfectly honest, I don't quite remember when or how I formed this opinion, but yesterday when I discovered that Mr. M had subscribed to the dreaded publication, I was aghast.  

"What the hell is that doing in my house?" I growled at him from across the patio table.  The nerve.  I had just made him a fabulous lunch and we were taking a break from our respective projects while Jr. was napping.  How could he disrupt our sunny quiet time with such trash?

"It's a better source for keeping up with what's happening in the market," he said dismissively.

I huffed and continued reading my issue of Martha Stewart Living for a few minutes before realizing that I had already been through most of the articles.  I had a real dilemma.  I was sitting on my patio, feet propped up, on a gorgeous 75 degree day (yes, in March).  School hadn't let out yet, so the only sounds were those of the yard.  The birds calling to each other, the wind tickling the neighbors trees... we don't have trees anymore.  Two years ago my Japanese maple died suddenly and then the rest of our trees had followed suit by the end of the season.  Anyway, it was a perfect scene from which I was loathe to move.  

I sighed and picked up the WSJ that was leering at me from the table.  I opened it, and the first article I saw was an opinion piece (Oh no, what horrible things was this person going to say?) entitled, "Obama is Free Trade's Best Hope."  Wait a minute, what?  I shut the paper and looked at the masthead.  Yes, this was the Wall Street Journal.  I opened it again and started reading.  Whether or not you are a fan of free trade, this was a fantastic piece.  Well thought out, well written, extremely well argued.  You should read it.  Yes, that's what I said!  

Later that evening, I was sitting in front of my computer trying to think of a topic to write about.  I found myself (as Hell was starting to get a bit of a frost) on the newspaper's website.  I almost fell on the floor when I found an article from a couple if days ago entitled, "The Big Interview: Being Bernard Arnault: How do  you predict global good taste in a time of economic downturn?"  After reading the article and then launching a full-on assault on my keyboard as I brainstormed my next project, I realized I had a problem.  I've spent years bashing WSJ.  Years.  Now I'm going to have to take at least some of it back!  While I don't have any plans to hop on over to the other side of the party line, I may be inspired to buy a briefcase or something.  At least this will become a daily read.

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